"Aesthetics in Political Ecology"


“Aesthetics in political ecology”


Organizers: Lillian Brown (Indiana University) and Dr. Paul Robbins (University of Wisconsin)

Discussant: Dr. Paul Robbins 


This panel is about aesthetics in political ecology. We are looking for papers about nature, beauty, pollution, taste, disgust, love, and repulsion, the senses, the body, the visceral, and social judgement in human relations with the environment. You may use aesthetics to critique a political economy or social system, to describe a particular set of cultural values or individual experience. Perhaps you wish to critique aesthetics as an analytical lens in political ecology. In any case, we are looking for people with diverse voices and perspectives, references and disciplinary backgrounds to present in this panel. If this strikes your interest, please consider sending an abstract to Lillian Brown at lillbrow@indiana.edu by Nov. 20th, 2016.


Lillian G. Brown
PhD Candidate 

Anthropology & Food Studies

Indiana University



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