Crossing Fields & Sparking Interest with Art:Sci

In the past few decades, the combined approach of art and science has gained momentum in its effort to cross boundaries and to spark innovative approaches towards increasingly dire sociopolitical problems surrounding climate change and human impact on the environment. What insights might art provide into the systems that produce environmental change? How is art used in response to environmental crises? How can different fields collaborate to promote social and environmental activism? What are current trends in EcoArt and scientist-artist-activist collaborations?


For this session, we invite conventional papers, as well as visual art, literary narratives, and other creative art forms for a session on art and science, interrogating how art can engage the public in debates about human-environment interactions, climate change, and social activism. We welcome scholars from all fields who work on themes such as landscapes, art history, community and protest art, moral lessons, and knowledge-making processes, as well as how these themes may interact with topics such as biodiversity, ecosystems, and sustainability.

Interested applicants should send abstracts of no more than 300 words or samples of creative works to Kaitlin Zapel ( by November 15th. Accepted applicants will be notified by November 24th.




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